Do you have trouble setting goals?

Aristotle says that "The goal of all goals is Happiness,"

This form is designed to help develop the HABIT of regular goal setting and the DISCIPLINE to achieve them and follow up. It covers a period of 28 days and if by the end of it a new habit is not formed then you should continue for another 4-week period and another until the habit and the related discipline is developed. Research shows that developing new habits takes anywhere between 21 and 90 days of consistent and regular repetition.

There are 5 goals in this form:

  1. A Happiness Goal 

  2. A Health / Wellness Goal

  3. A Wealth Goal

  4. A Work Improvement Idea 

  5. A Wealth Creation Idea

To make it easier for you to develop the required habit and discipline, the main goal is already set and written for you. All you need to do is to write the action steps you are willing to take in order to achieve the goal and then when the action is taken, to check mark that the action has been taken. 

Recording the action steps for the whole form should not take more than five minutes. Keep the form on your night table and every night (for the next four weeks) before you go to bed record an action step that you will take the next day in regards to each goal. The next day, take the action and then before going to bed check mark that the action has been taken.

The actions should not be onerous. They should be so simple actions that can be taken without a lot of effort. The aim is to form the habit and the discipline. Here are some examples:

  1. Happiness Goal: Tomorrow I will call my auntie to tell her how much I love her.

  2. Health Goal: Tomorrow I will use the stairs to go to my office rather than taking elevator.

  3. Wealth Goal: Tomorrow I will drink water instead of coffee.

  4. Work Improvement Idea: I will ask my coworker to share his priority management matrix.

  5. Wealth Creation Idea: I will set up a meeting with my financial advisor to brainstorm.